PondView Estate Winery

Though PondView Estate Winery is one of the newest wineries in Niagara-on-the-Lake, it is likely the winery most steeped in old world traditions.  PondView Estate Winery is owned by Luciano (Lou) Puglisi.  Lou is the third generation grape grower in his family, who hail from Sicily, Italy.  His father, Giuseppe Puglisi emigrated to Canada and brought his knowledge of grape growing with him.  Ever since setting down roots in Niagara-on-the-Lake in 1974, the Puglisi’s have been celebrating the old world traditions of the entire family participating in the making of fine wines made with their own grapes and then enjoying them, together, alongside good food.

Every guest of PondView Estate Winery is treated to a slice of this lifestyle.

When Giuseppe Puglisi emigrated to Canada, he brought his passion for grape growing, which he handed down to his son Lou.  Beginning as a grower, Lou’s own commitment to growing vitis vinifera grapes earned him the respect of Niagara-on-the-Lake winemakers and the prestigious Grape King award in 2008.  In 2010, alongside his wife and the rest of their family, they opened PondView Estate Winery.  It is their new world testament to the past generations of Puglisi grape growers.

As soon as you set foot in PondView Estate Winery, the warm and welcoming nature of the Puglisi family washes over you.  Exclusive of Winemaker Fred DiProfio, the majority of the PondView Estate Winery staff is comprised of members of the Puglisi family.  Greeted by family photos on the wall and behind the tasting bar, you will likely be taken on tour and be served samples of PondView Estate Winery’s superb wines by a member of the family.

Open daily, the guests of PondView Estate Winery can look forward to a tasting of some of the winery’s exquisite wines.  As the winery is still new, portfolio of wines is still relatively small and the production of each wine limited.  But, each of their wines are already winning them awards, excellent critical reviews and selling out fast.  If you like a wine you taste, you are encouraged to buy it sooner rather than later.  Who knows how long it will be around?

Tours of the surprisingly spacious winery are also available by appointment and the boutique is open daily.  PondView Estate Winery is also becoming a new favourite stop for bus tours and large groups due to its exceptionally long tasting bar. 

Guests are encouraged to relax with a glass of wine and a local artisan cheese plate or homemade antipasto platter with bread basket on the patio in the warmer months and in front of the roaring fireplace when the weather cools down.  Icewine fans can also look forward to the prospect of trying their favourite PondView Estate Icewine in a locally crafted chocolate cup.  Keeping with the traditions of enjoying wine with food, the Puglisi’s believe that a fine wine is only enhanced when served with good food and great conversation.