Stratus Vineyards

We had a vision – to make wines of outstanding quality right in our own backyard in Niagara.  We wanted a wonderful environment, so that people who visited our winery to taste our exceptional wines would have a total experience that was out of this world.  And we wanted the winemaking process, the winery and the rest of our facility to operate in accordance with the most sustainable and environmentally friendly practices as possible.

Stratus Vineyards makes premium assemblage and varietal wines.  To produce the best possible wine, we make only limited quantities from grapes grown on our 62-acre estate.  Our focus on quality allows us the freedom to tend our vineyard by hand and to employ exacting methods that help produce better fruit.  It also enables us to be particularly selective in the winemaking process.  Only the best grapes are used in our wines.  And only the best wines are given the name Stratus.

Through its flagship wines, Stratus Red and Stratus White, Stratus is allowing wine lovers to rediscover the noble tradition of assemblage, the art of combining several grape varieties to make a single wine.  There is no recipe to follow; instead, each complex, age-worthy assemblage is an original composition that captures the essence of vintage and vineyard.

To winemakers, who share an almost spiritual connection to the land, the concept of sustainability, of preserving the environment for future generations, is a familiar one.  At Stratus, we embraced the opportunity to create a new kind of winery.  Guided by the principals of loose fit, long life and low energy, we built an adaptable state-of-the-art facility that produces the best possible wine with the smallest possible environmental impact.  The Stratus winery is the first building in Canada, and the first winery in the world, to receive LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification from the Canada Green Building Council.

Extraordinary wine deserves an extraordinary setting.  Stratus Vineyards’ wine boutique, tasting bar and two private tasting rooms – created by acclaimed interior designer Diego Burdi of burdifilek – are a perfect complement to its wines.  Free-standing shelving defines the space in a manner that has been described as “cozy but cool”.

Guests of the vineyard are invited to sample our wines in groupings, or “flights”, of four selected wines.  Served by our knowledgeable hosts, the wines in each flight are chosen to provide insight into the signature characteristics of Stratus wines.  In addition to tastings, we also offer a year-round wine and food program we call “@ Stratus”.  Each event is led by a connoisseur with an inspiring passion for delicious food and wine pairings.  Tastings help our guests gain a better understanding of and a deeper appreciation for artisanal products of all kinds.